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Building the home of your dreams is something most of us think about our entire lives.  But for many people, for many reasons, it remains just that - a dream. 

Canyon Creek Custom Homes was started by Justin Crocker to provide high-quality, completely customized homes that are as unique and special as the families who own them. 

Our team understands that building a custom home is extremely personal.  It's not just wood and brick and some finishing touches.  It's where you and your family will make a lifetime of memories together. 


There is nothing we would love more than to help you create your new home.


Commercial Office & Retail Spaces


Is your business growing? 

That's great!


Let Canyon Creek build a new space that showcases your success.

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Multi-Family Housing

Is a townhome more your style? What about a duplex? Check out Canyon Creek's latest multi-family projects.